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“Natural Hair is an Exquisite Crown. It’s a wonder and fascination to many. But to the confident Black girl or Black woman who’s rockin’ it, they know what they’ve been born and blessed with. A head full of unique, healthy beauty. NATURAL BEAUTY.”
― Stephanie Lahart

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Nannis Natural Hair Studio


Making people beautiful isn’t a job that should be done without passion as it requires great care in handling people. To this effect, we have on stand black hair stylists who are well acquainted with black people hair and black hairdressers skilled in adding hair extensions such as lock extensions. 


Black Hair Care Tips  

As a black hair stylist and lock hair stylist in Toronto, lots of our customers ask questions about Textured hair. And unfortunately, we can't generalize what's best since every individual hair is unique, we compiled a variety of recommended practice 

The Textured hair has varieties of needs. 

The most frequent complaint about black hair is that it looks dull or dry. It helps to know that Natural Black or Textured hair will not be as shiny as permed hair or Caucasian hair. A major fragment of what makes hair shiny is the structure of the hair, not only the moisture it contains or the amount of lubricant applied. If the cuticles are lying flat (smooth hair), the hair will reflect light better meaning it will be shiny. If the skins are raised, the hair will absorb light meaning it will be dull. Apart from changing the structure of the hair by getting a perm or relaxer black hair will only be so shiny. Some apply grease to make it shinier, and this can damage the hair. That saidnatural Textured hair can appear healthy, smooth and have a nice healthy sheen, which is a big misconpetion with people who wish to start growing Natural s. 


 Tools for maintaining Textured hair 

Before starting anything, it’s critical to have the right tools. Although many products can be bought cheaply at the drug store or grocery store here in Toronto or Greater Toronto Area, it’s best for you and your hair to get the best tools you can afford. Nartural Textured products are hard to come by, especially lock products. At Nannies we have a wide variety of products built and created especially for your hair. 

  • Wide tooth combs or pick or brush made for Textured hair. We like “detangling” combs like the NuBone and the Knot Genie 
  • Good moisturizing and cream conditioner 
  • Knot No More is a must. Not only is it useful for removing braids, twists, s etc. without damaging the hair. It's amazing for everyday comb-outs. It's the product you wish your mother had when you were young. 
  • Deep conditioning like Deep V Conditioner- once a month along with the HydraCap 
  • Satin sleep cap or satin pillowcases 
  • Spray bottle to spritz hair in case you just want to hit it with some water to comb 


Tips for combing at a curly hair salon 

This section will be particularly relevant to those of you who have not worked with kinky hair. 

  • Don’t ever try to comb curly hair when its dry.  
  • To increase elasticity to the hair use a moisturizer. 
  • Make sure you use wide tooth combs, the farther apart the teeth, the better. 
  • Avoid bristled brushes because they tend to grab the hair. 
  • Be calm and patient when combing. If you are helping someone and they complain then kindly be more gentle. 


locks Salon Care Tips 

  • Work in sections. 
  • Part the hair and tie off the part I am not working on at the time. 
  • Gently grasp the hair near the scalp with my free hand and work the comb against that hand, rather than against the scalp. 
  • Twist gently beginning near the roots and work your way up- until all kinks are free. 
  • Tie that section off and start on the next section. 


Tips For Washing At A Black Hair Salon

We have customers that patronize black hair stylists in Toronto and Greater Toronto Areaand who wash their hair once in a week and sometimes slightly longer with fewer washes in winter and more during summer. From experience, though a common error noticed is that, non-Black parents of Biracial or Black children are washing their hair too often. Several Caucasian wash their hair daily also. A child with Black or Textured hairshouldn’t have his/her hair washed daily; this causes dullness and dryness. This is especially the case when washing locks as you don’t need to was the hair as frequently due to the locking process.  


The washing process 

  • Wash gently, but thoroughly, massaging the scalp while washing. 
  • When you dry, blot with a towel rather than rubbing vigorously. 
  • Avoid heat as much as possible for drying. 
  • Allow the hair to air dry, or you can even use a conditioning cap to drive some of the moisture out before blasting the hair with forced hot air. 



How to properly moisturize Textured hair 

The most important key to healthy Textured hair care is moisture. Due to the structure of our hair getting dry easily. Dry hair is devoid elasticity which makes it brittle and easy to break. Apply good moisturizer and do so often. Moisturizing is not the same as oiling and is definitely not the same as adding what we call grease. The idea of whether to oil or not is controversial in Textured hair care. The ball is in our court. A personal view is that the right oil is of vital importance. Natural oils mostly.  


Perms or relaxers for Black hair- should I or shouldn't I? 

Many a time do we get asked in regards perming for young girls. We strongly recommend that prepubescent girls should not be permed. The hair and the skin are underdeveloped and changing their hair that early in life might give them the impression that their hair is good enough. 

Perming or relaxing the hair might seem like an easy solution to the kinky/frizzy/hard-to-comb problem. But, there are several things you should know before heading down this path. We’ve seen unaware mothers actually make matters much worse by not knowing this before getting started. 


Consider the following before you start perming natural hair salon 

  • A chemical relaxer or perm is a process that is best performed by a professional. Serious damage can be done to the hair (that can never be repaired, it has to grow out). A relaxer, improperly applied can do permanent damage to the scalp. 

  • The only compromise we would even contemplate on this would be to take your child to a local beauty school if you just cannot pay the money beauty salons are charging. At least they’ll get the perm under professional supervision. And, the cost is usually a pretty small fraction of the cost in our hair salon. 

  • If you insist on applying perms at home, please read and follow the instructions carefully. 

  • Do not keep perming the part of the hair that has already been treated. Only apply the perm to the new growth (the kinky stuff underneath). Perming the same part of a strand of hair over and over again thins it a little each time. Eventually, it will break. It’s not a question of “if,” it’s “when.” 

  • If you begin to relax your child’s hair, you must keep on doing it. When the natural hair reaches a certain length underneath the relaxed hair (hair grows from the root), the hair begins going through a transition stage. At this point, the hair is very vulnerable to excessive breakage. Generally speaking, a perm will be required every 6-8 weeks unless you are prepared to transition back to natural hair. Transitioning, without taking proper precautions can be very traumatic because of the breakage. 

  • If you relax your child’s hair, you weaken the hair and reduce the ability for the scalp to naturally oil itself. Permed hair is especially delicate and must be cared for even more diligently than natural hair. But, it's better to perm hair than to fry it with excessive heat trying to make it straight or to end up breaking it off by combing it too aggressively. 

This is well discussed content that focuses on Textured hair treatment and care. If you require further information on how you can get the best out of your hair, kindly contact us now. We make replying you a priority.  

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